Sunday, March 24, 2013

354[7] connections between Cinderella Ate My Daughter and Brave

In class on Thursday, we watched the Disney film; Brave.  I had not seen this movie before and was extremely excited to watch.  Brave is about a young girl named Merida, who is born into a wealthy family, the king and queens child to be exact.  Coming from a girl’s point of view, I disappointedly say that this could have been a dream of most little girls.  Watching this type of movie has showed me that there is more to life, and I commend Disney greatly for making a movie as such. Hopefully this could change the next generation of children.
To compare this movie to the article by Peggy Orenstein; “Cinderella Ate My Daughter,” I would have to start by saying the plots of each are completely opposite.  In brave, Merida, the young girl, does not want to be a princess and get married.  In the article, Orenstein’s daughter was the center of her writings.  She wrote about how her daughter was becoming a “princess” right before her eyes, and she should have stopped it before it started.  As for Brave, showed how a girl can be independent and not always have to have an obsession with the color pink. 

Orenstein spoke of how her daughter was drawn to Barbies, the color pink, princess dolls, pocketbooks, and nail polish.  -- All of the things that are stereotypical to a young girl.  Completely opposite to this, Brave’s Merida, loved shooting her bow and arrow, riding fast on her horse Angus, and playing with other weapons. 

This movie was a great move for Disney, because it was finally the first time a girl was not a princess, saved by a knight in shining armor, or completely dependent on the opposite sex.

another thing i would like to compare is the appearance of Merida.. she is not a typical "girl" figure that Disney has portrayed before.  she has red curly long frizzy hair, and she seems to be pretty tall-looking in the movie.  i have never seen a princess with red hair! 

I thought that these were two GREAT things to compare.
And I thoroughly enjoyed Brave!!

questions/comments for the class:
if you have a daughter will you make sure that she becomes a strong independent lady? --does this mean NO barbies?  will you sway her away from liking the color pink?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Final topic proposals ? Not in cement

For this final project presentation I would like to do something with the comparison of teenagers to adults in TV shows. I am obviously open to other issues in the teenage world but this is something that is interesting to me. Another issue I am into for this project would be anything that has the do with TEENs in the MEDIA. I feel like this topic is broad and can be narrowed down. Either way, I would like to work in a group and I cannot wait to start
Another issue I could look at is the body image issues portrayed in magazines and on the Internet.
Looking at this website for vouge magazine I already see things and pictures I could use in any comparison about teenagers