Wednesday, April 24, 2013

random post #2 (a teens in the media youtube video)

i thought this video pertained completely to our class views and what we were learning in class.. i usually get really distracted, and can not watch a whole entire informational video, but i did watch this in it's entirety.  i believe this is a great representation of how teens and the media .. i also enjoyed how it touched upon my final project topic, teens and eating disorders.. i do think everyone should watch this video.

Monday, April 22, 2013

354 [10] - teens talking back

first i typed into YouTube, "teens talking back," the most hits on videos i got were directed towards parents trying to get the PARENTS to prevent teens from talking back.

i thought this was a funny video; to be quite honest. LOL

anywho; while continuing on with my search i found a lot of interesting videos.. this is one i would love to share about this one specific teen -Samm Pinkoff.  I watched her story and become very touched.  she is definitely talking back to society and letting everyone know about the life of a bullied teen

i also found a lot of anti-bullying sites written by teens, along with blogs, and tumblrs. i would say this is a great way to have teens finally speaking out and telling their stories.

this also had a lot to do with my final project about how teens see the media and idolize the media and the images of models being shown.
this tumblr shows how one young teen idolizes being skinny and seeing the skinny girls and boys on the television make her sad. 

i did come across some trouble when looking for actual facts about teens talking back. most of them were youtube videos.
i do feel like there could be more teens actually talking back on the internet.

comments/questions for the class:
have you ever spoken back on the internet?
do you feel like there should be more talking back on the internet?
can we help change bullying and misunderstood teens?

Sunday, April 14, 2013

354[10] - glee reflection


for me i believed that blogging while watching/right after watching each episode would be the easiest and most efficient way to accomplish this assignment.

glee is not a show i am familiar with, but i am glad i got to watch the first episode of the season.. i do feel like this will make it a little easier to understand the show.

so here is my reflection on the first episode, season 1 episode 1 - "pilot"
right off the bat it was plain to see that the cheerleaders played a big role in this high school, because of their opening into the show and because of their reputation and that they have won a high award the year before and were on television.
another thing i sawKurt being picked on because he is "gay."  but something very subliminal was Fin being a little nice to him letting him take off his new Michael Kors jacket and backpack before dumping him into the trash can.
as the episode progressed i could clearly make out all of the stereotypes and cliques that high school really does have.
Kurt's gayness and the other kids (dont know his name) handicapped-ness is talked about throughout the episode  significantly.

for the second episode i watched - season 2, epi 6 - never been kissed
within the first 27 seconds i could see how this club has expanded greatly.. even Fin's now EX girlfriend was shown to be sitting in the glee club..
of course the first couple mins talks about sexuality and sex with the two "hottest" girls
Kurt being pushed into a locker for doing absolutely nothing but walking the hall way.
some girl making a comment about gay jokes.
the episode also makes a clear division between girls and boys.. This is where Kurt goes and stands with the girls and Professor Shu makes sure that he goes to his directed side.
i dont even know how Kurt could honestly be the only gay guy at school, i can already tell that this pressure is a lot for him, and this is why he finally stands up to the jock that keeps pushing him against the lockers.
Kurt finds a different school where he finally feels like he can fit in; he feels like his gay-ness would not be a problem here.
Kurt is very hurt that his bullying is not important to his school.. they displayed his gay-ness by crying.. which is considered a very "unstraight" thing to do, by guy code and tough guise of course.
Kurt finally finds a rock for him, an inspiration.. Blaine. who texts him a simple word "courage" where he stands up to the jock and actually finds out hes gay himself. something that would be socially wrong.
even after the confrontation and the kiss; the jock continued to hurting Kurt, just to keep the social idea that it is wrong to be gay.
another thing i picked up from this episode was that coach beast, since she has a non girlish figure, a deeper voice, and short hair she was automatically assumed to be a lesbian.

episode three -- season 2, episode 8 "Furt"
this is the episode where Kurt and Fins single parents get engaged. 
i thought it was disrespectful when Kurt and Shu go to Sue to new principals office, and Sue calls Kurt "lady" and more than once.
this episode also demonstrates bullying and violence importance in young boys. - the glee boys could not talk to Kurts bully without violence, which also lead to Sam being punched in the face. 
this episode was very different from the other two that we were told to watch.  this was the episode were unions were formed and trust and brotherly love was form.  this is where Kurt and Fin become brothers and it looks like things are going up.

i personally have never watched or enjoyed musical shows such as these, but glee was a very a good story and portrays lots of high school stereotypes.  especially about homophobia, violence and masculinity. loved this blog post.

high school is portrayed to be an unsafe place where the social status is the most important thing.. 
do you think this show showed a lot of TRUE characteristics of high school?
what would you do differently if you were KURT?

glee analysis 

high schooler comes out to 300+ students that he is gay.. listen to reaction

Sunday, April 7, 2013

354 [9] - hip hop - tricia rose


i am connecting what i have read and watched on hip hop to the most recent article Violence,Adolescent  Masculinity, and Homophobia by Kimmel.
i enjoyed reading the online question and answering section of this assignment.. it was a cool online webpage article. 

i automatically can make many connections without giong back to this article.  hip-hop/rap "promotes" the violence and masculinity of men.. teenagers.. the male race. ALLOFTHEABOVE
amoung violence, these songs promote belitting the female race and using them as just sex toys.  the songs of Hip-Hop and Rap are so demeaning to the females in the world.  and the music videos that these artists produce, are even worse.
but back to violence, rap songs and hip-hop songs talk about violenece and guns, getting revenge on people who have hurt them before, swearing and saying hurtful things to other men and women, etc.
something that i can pull from the question and answer portion of this assignment it:
"They're not going to listen to a lot of the kind of commercial hip-hop that we're talking about, where people are just rhyming about killing everybody who gets in their way and never caring about a woman — I'm not going to use bad language here; what's the point? — but you get it. There's no way that's going to be acceptable. So there's a kind of community-regulation factor in early hip-hop."

there it is right there.. right on the internet.  this is what the music is about! killing everybody and not caring for a woman.  this is what our younger generation is going to grow up and think about life.

as for kimmels argument, I'm sure he would agree that these songs are another reason for school shootings. -violence is something that is commonly the main point of hip-hop or rap songs, by MALE rappers or artists. i do believe that female artists do not rap or sing or MC to violence as much as male artists. 

overall, i do not want to put the blame on these people for the things that people go out and do (such as school shootings, fights, violence) however, i can admmit that a part of me feels like it is soemthing teens look into.  when we are young i do feel as though everyone has an idol or someone they look up too.  lots of teens look up to artists and rappers. 
this is because they have "everything" the american dream, SCHWAAMP!! they have money, nice cars, big houses, inground pools, all the clothes and diamonds they want, all the "big booty-hoes" they could ever imagne.  who wouldnt want all that ,.... right?

big booty hoes music videooo....

questions comments for the class:
would you allow your children to listen to hardcore rap or hip-hop?
how can you prevent your children growing up to know that this is not how you are suppose to live life?
is there a good hip-hop?
do you feel, personally, that music can effect teenagers/yourself?
what is your american dream?

Monday, April 1, 2013

354 [8] - argument --Adolescent Masculinity, Homophobia, and Violence by Kimmel


While reading this article I could tell that there was a clear point that Kimmel was trying to portray.  Kimmel states that boys in school are the reason for teen violence. Kimmel talks about school shootings and how teen boys do them.  This is not always something I would agree on, due to the stereotype that only MALES create violence in high school.  This is because I have seen actual female violence when I was in high school.  I do, however, I feel that males do tend to be more violent.  WHY? Well lots would argue about video games, and the TV shows that show that males have to be the tough guys all the time. 
I thought that it was funny that this was the first line of the article "Violence is one of the most urgent issues facing our nation’s schools."  Pretty much told us what the whole article would be about.  Violence in schools can be considered bad, but do YOU think it accomplishes anything for the students?
Students think fights in school are FUN:
They record them; publishing them to YouTube
They chant, "fight fight fight fight fight!"
Stand in circles around the fight and WATCH
Encourage fighting
THIS IS BAD. I do agree, but I unfortunately feel like this is a big part of teen culture.
Where would high schools be without the fights that everyone always talk about? I personally remember being a senior in high school and someone talking about a fight that had happened when we were both freshmen.  That is three years prior!
Although, Kimmels argumentative article was drawn more to the school shootings.  –This is something that I do believe needs to be more talked about and stopped.  Shooting is wrong, and I know a lot of people would agree with me. School shootings are something that is becoming more and more popular.  Although, do we have to always stereotype teen males as the bad people who constantly want to shoot up the school?

Comments/questions for the class: do you think that it is fair to stereotype teen males for school shootings because they are the only ones who have done so?
Is there a way to stop school violence?
Is there a way to stop violence in teen males in general?

searching pintrest and i found... (random #1)

i am a common pintrest user, and while searching around on the "popular" tab.
i wanted to share this picture and fact that i found on pintrest because it has to do with my groups final project.

Mireya Medrano- Every 1 or 2 out of every 100 students in America will struggle with an eating disorder. This article discusses eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia. This article discusses the signs of these eating disorders. It also talks about the causes, effects, and treatments for someone who suffers from eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia.

pintrest link