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fear of feminism & a tsunami in history


While reading Fear of Feminism,  by Lisa Marie Hogeland, I highlighted some quotes that I thought were interesting.

The first being: "Feminism asks questions—difficult and complicated questions, often which contradictory and confusing answer—about how gender consciousness can be use both for and against women, how vulnerability and difference help and hinder women’s self determination and freedom.”
This is something that I completely agree with.  Women need to stay on their toes and be so knowledge about what they are fighting for, that they would be able to answer any question that is given to them, and be able to not only ask questions back but be able to make points in their questions.  I can see this quote pertaining to politicians who are trying to take away women’s rights mostly.

The next quote I chose was: “Fear of crime is at an all-time high in the United States; one of the driving forces behind this fear may well be women’s sense of special vulnerability to the epidemic of men’s violence.”
Another quote that I can understand without any question.  Everyone hears everyday about the growing violence in men, and in relationships between men and women.  I myself have never been in any situations as such, however, if I had in the past, I know it would make it harder for me to stand up for what I want in fear of the repeat. I also am aware that more women are scared to speak their minds because of the fear that they will not be heard.  Although, this country swears we are equal, I sometimes disagree.  I feel like when women tend to talk about something they feel strongly about, it is more than often shoved to the side, and seen as unimportant.

My final quote is: “Allying across differences is difficult work, and is often thwarted by homophobia—by fears of both lesbians and of being names a lesbian by association.”
Labeling women who stand together as “lesbians” is wrong. Labeling straight people gay just because they are friends with gay people, or because they have the same thoughts and opinions as them, is also wrong. This is something I have seen a lot, the labeling process, and this makes some women who are scared of their reputation, take steps back and keep them away from groups such as these because their pride is too strong or their insecurities are too high.  I believe this makes all of the people who stand together, different, and stronger.  Just because people have the same thoughts does not make them the same person, just means some of their values are similar. This quote also opened my eyes to some realities of homophobia.  I think homophobia is nonsense.  Gay or straight, we are all people, and have the right to our own preferences. I don’t think women should be scared of being labeled gay because they are friends with gay people.

This article brought out new perspectives in what I thought about feminism and even teaching it.  It was a great first article to get me into the class and introduce these topics.
I also agree to disagree with the statement in this article stating how feminist are not able to have an intimate relationship.  I feel like their values of women’s rights do not always have to come into the relationship, and can be kept separate.  This article also opened my eyes to more and more women who are just afraid to speak up for themselves.

This video shows women who are not scared, but overpowered by law and men..

In the following article, A Tsunami in History, written by Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, I also found some quotes that I thought were interesting.  Something I thought was really cool was when Rowe-Finkbeiner quotes Susan B. Anthony, and since the class watched a documentary which featured Susan B. Anthony, I was knowledgeable about what she did for feminism.  Something else I liked about this article was the personal references made. 

The first quote: “The first wave of the women’s rights movement is significant, however, not only because women obtained the right to vote, but because their work helped change the perception of women from voiceless dependents to independent thinkers with a valid voice in shaping the country.”
This is significant for this article because it is showing how one women can lift the confidence of others.  Also, once the right to vote was given to women this opened the eyes of feminists.  I know that if I was fighting for something for so long and putting so much effort into one specific thing, and it was received, I would be the happiest woman alive.  This was one of the biggest accomplishments that woman have made in history.

The second quote I picked was: “Prepare yourself. Take 15 minutes to rest so you’ll be refreshed when he arrives. Touch up your makeup, put a ribbon in your hair and be fresh looking. He has just been with a lot of work weary people.”
This was a quote that I found both interesting and funny.  This is something I feel was done in the 1950’s when women ONLY cared for their man and home.  This also reminded me of a black and white movie where the woman has dinner already waiting on the table waiting for the ‘man of the house.’  This quote seems like it was something said before women had rights.  Therefore, it confuses me to as why it is featured in this article.

My final quote states: “Alice Paul, another dominant figure in the women’s suffrage movement… Paul along with several other suffragists, were eventually arrested.”
This is a quote to show actuality and the seriousness of protesting.  Being arrested can really interfere with your future and cause problems in your life.  These women and suffrages were trying to merely stand up for their rights and opinions.  

questions for class:
Did this open any eyes for people?  Does anyone else feel that the world should not be like this?
comments for class:
This was a good first reading in the class.  it opened my eyes to what this semester will hold.  I knew people were afraid of judgement.. but this brought it out more and broke down the "fear of feminism."

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