Sunday, April 14, 2013

354[10] - glee reflection


for me i believed that blogging while watching/right after watching each episode would be the easiest and most efficient way to accomplish this assignment.

glee is not a show i am familiar with, but i am glad i got to watch the first episode of the season.. i do feel like this will make it a little easier to understand the show.

so here is my reflection on the first episode, season 1 episode 1 - "pilot"
right off the bat it was plain to see that the cheerleaders played a big role in this high school, because of their opening into the show and because of their reputation and that they have won a high award the year before and were on television.
another thing i sawKurt being picked on because he is "gay."  but something very subliminal was Fin being a little nice to him letting him take off his new Michael Kors jacket and backpack before dumping him into the trash can.
as the episode progressed i could clearly make out all of the stereotypes and cliques that high school really does have.
Kurt's gayness and the other kids (dont know his name) handicapped-ness is talked about throughout the episode  significantly.

for the second episode i watched - season 2, epi 6 - never been kissed
within the first 27 seconds i could see how this club has expanded greatly.. even Fin's now EX girlfriend was shown to be sitting in the glee club..
of course the first couple mins talks about sexuality and sex with the two "hottest" girls
Kurt being pushed into a locker for doing absolutely nothing but walking the hall way.
some girl making a comment about gay jokes.
the episode also makes a clear division between girls and boys.. This is where Kurt goes and stands with the girls and Professor Shu makes sure that he goes to his directed side.
i dont even know how Kurt could honestly be the only gay guy at school, i can already tell that this pressure is a lot for him, and this is why he finally stands up to the jock that keeps pushing him against the lockers.
Kurt finds a different school where he finally feels like he can fit in; he feels like his gay-ness would not be a problem here.
Kurt is very hurt that his bullying is not important to his school.. they displayed his gay-ness by crying.. which is considered a very "unstraight" thing to do, by guy code and tough guise of course.
Kurt finally finds a rock for him, an inspiration.. Blaine. who texts him a simple word "courage" where he stands up to the jock and actually finds out hes gay himself. something that would be socially wrong.
even after the confrontation and the kiss; the jock continued to hurting Kurt, just to keep the social idea that it is wrong to be gay.
another thing i picked up from this episode was that coach beast, since she has a non girlish figure, a deeper voice, and short hair she was automatically assumed to be a lesbian.

episode three -- season 2, episode 8 "Furt"
this is the episode where Kurt and Fins single parents get engaged. 
i thought it was disrespectful when Kurt and Shu go to Sue to new principals office, and Sue calls Kurt "lady" and more than once.
this episode also demonstrates bullying and violence importance in young boys. - the glee boys could not talk to Kurts bully without violence, which also lead to Sam being punched in the face. 
this episode was very different from the other two that we were told to watch.  this was the episode were unions were formed and trust and brotherly love was form.  this is where Kurt and Fin become brothers and it looks like things are going up.

i personally have never watched or enjoyed musical shows such as these, but glee was a very a good story and portrays lots of high school stereotypes.  especially about homophobia, violence and masculinity. loved this blog post.

high school is portrayed to be an unsafe place where the social status is the most important thing.. 
do you think this show showed a lot of TRUE characteristics of high school?
what would you do differently if you were KURT?

glee analysis 

high schooler comes out to 300+ students that he is gay.. listen to reaction


  1. I would do the same things because he went to the principle and he talked with his friends nobody was able to protect him. He transferred to a new school there was nothing else to do. This means that in order to stop bullying school administration parents and students should work together and teach everybody that bullying is not acceptable.

  2. I think there are definitely cliques in high school but I hope glee isn't what high schools are like. That school seemed very unsafe- there was a lot of bullying by both the students and the coach. I think the characters and situations in glee are a little exaggerated but I don't know. It's hard to say when you've only been to one high school.

    1. i do agree, i do think Glee overexaggerated a lot of the bullying and situations that happened.

  3. I think that it was a little over Exaggerated. When I was in high school it wasn't that superficial and that much drama. High school for me at least was a place where I had fun. you had the bullies and the jocks, cheerleaders(which no one liked) the dance team which was quite popular. But it wasn't as great a TV makes it seem. If I was Kurt(like Elif said) I would do just what he did. Kurt tried everything that he could, I think this problem was just way beyond his power.

  4. I also had problems with the last two episodes. I really didn't like their treatment of gender and gender roles... Kurt having to be on the boys team, the girls getting their boyfriends to defend Kurt... It's what my post ended up being about,
    I think that all High schools have cliques. I went to a really small private school and we still had cliques, it may not have been the violent and competitive cliques like in Glee or other high school media portrayals but they did exist.
    as for what Kurt could have done differently, I'm not sure there was much, probably go to his dad with his situation, because the school made it clear that there was nothing to be done for the situation, but if he had had a support system in place, he may had have an easier time coping.
    Great Post!

  5. Great idea to blog while watching/right after watching...I took notes as I was watching but I still had to keep going back to the episodes!

    I think Glee was a very over exaggerated portrayal of high school. All high schools have cliques to some extent but I also think that high schools today have an overlapping of those cliques, I don't believe that cliques today are as segregated as Glee is making them out to be---at least my high school wasn't. Plus, what high school today still has their cheerleaders wearing their uniforms to school everyday? In my high school cheerleaders weren't even considered to be the most popular girls in school, our precision dance/kick team & our flag team that were both part of the band were considered the most popular girls.

    As for bullying, I believe bullying exists in every school. However in some schools it may be harsher or more severe than in others.

  6. Great post! I, like Celine, believe that bullying exist is every school. It's not always as obvious as Glee shows it, but it exist. I also think it exists between the student teacher relationship as well, and you highlight this with how Sue calls Kurt lady, and then porcelain. I agree that she shouldn't do any of that!