Monday, April 22, 2013

354 [10] - teens talking back

first i typed into YouTube, "teens talking back," the most hits on videos i got were directed towards parents trying to get the PARENTS to prevent teens from talking back.

i thought this was a funny video; to be quite honest. LOL

anywho; while continuing on with my search i found a lot of interesting videos.. this is one i would love to share about this one specific teen -Samm Pinkoff.  I watched her story and become very touched.  she is definitely talking back to society and letting everyone know about the life of a bullied teen

i also found a lot of anti-bullying sites written by teens, along with blogs, and tumblrs. i would say this is a great way to have teens finally speaking out and telling their stories.

this also had a lot to do with my final project about how teens see the media and idolize the media and the images of models being shown.
this tumblr shows how one young teen idolizes being skinny and seeing the skinny girls and boys on the television make her sad. 

i did come across some trouble when looking for actual facts about teens talking back. most of them were youtube videos.
i do feel like there could be more teens actually talking back on the internet.

comments/questions for the class:
have you ever spoken back on the internet?
do you feel like there should be more talking back on the internet?
can we help change bullying and misunderstood teens?

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  1. yes I think there should be more talking back on the internet. we should learn how teenagers are feeling.