Sunday, April 7, 2013

354 [9] - hip hop - tricia rose


i am connecting what i have read and watched on hip hop to the most recent article Violence,Adolescent  Masculinity, and Homophobia by Kimmel.
i enjoyed reading the online question and answering section of this assignment.. it was a cool online webpage article. 

i automatically can make many connections without giong back to this article.  hip-hop/rap "promotes" the violence and masculinity of men.. teenagers.. the male race. ALLOFTHEABOVE
amoung violence, these songs promote belitting the female race and using them as just sex toys.  the songs of Hip-Hop and Rap are so demeaning to the females in the world.  and the music videos that these artists produce, are even worse.
but back to violence, rap songs and hip-hop songs talk about violenece and guns, getting revenge on people who have hurt them before, swearing and saying hurtful things to other men and women, etc.
something that i can pull from the question and answer portion of this assignment it:
"They're not going to listen to a lot of the kind of commercial hip-hop that we're talking about, where people are just rhyming about killing everybody who gets in their way and never caring about a woman — I'm not going to use bad language here; what's the point? — but you get it. There's no way that's going to be acceptable. So there's a kind of community-regulation factor in early hip-hop."

there it is right there.. right on the internet.  this is what the music is about! killing everybody and not caring for a woman.  this is what our younger generation is going to grow up and think about life.

as for kimmels argument, I'm sure he would agree that these songs are another reason for school shootings. -violence is something that is commonly the main point of hip-hop or rap songs, by MALE rappers or artists. i do believe that female artists do not rap or sing or MC to violence as much as male artists. 

overall, i do not want to put the blame on these people for the things that people go out and do (such as school shootings, fights, violence) however, i can admmit that a part of me feels like it is soemthing teens look into.  when we are young i do feel as though everyone has an idol or someone they look up too.  lots of teens look up to artists and rappers. 
this is because they have "everything" the american dream, SCHWAAMP!! they have money, nice cars, big houses, inground pools, all the clothes and diamonds they want, all the "big booty-hoes" they could ever imagne.  who wouldnt want all that ,.... right?

big booty hoes music videooo....

questions comments for the class:
would you allow your children to listen to hardcore rap or hip-hop?
how can you prevent your children growing up to know that this is not how you are suppose to live life?
is there a good hip-hop?
do you feel, personally, that music can effect teenagers/yourself?
what is your american dream?

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  1. I like how you connected the article to the Kimmel piece we read!