Monday, April 1, 2013

354 [8] - argument --Adolescent Masculinity, Homophobia, and Violence by Kimmel


While reading this article I could tell that there was a clear point that Kimmel was trying to portray.  Kimmel states that boys in school are the reason for teen violence. Kimmel talks about school shootings and how teen boys do them.  This is not always something I would agree on, due to the stereotype that only MALES create violence in high school.  This is because I have seen actual female violence when I was in high school.  I do, however, I feel that males do tend to be more violent.  WHY? Well lots would argue about video games, and the TV shows that show that males have to be the tough guys all the time. 
I thought that it was funny that this was the first line of the article "Violence is one of the most urgent issues facing our nation’s schools."  Pretty much told us what the whole article would be about.  Violence in schools can be considered bad, but do YOU think it accomplishes anything for the students?
Students think fights in school are FUN:
They record them; publishing them to YouTube
They chant, "fight fight fight fight fight!"
Stand in circles around the fight and WATCH
Encourage fighting
THIS IS BAD. I do agree, but I unfortunately feel like this is a big part of teen culture.
Where would high schools be without the fights that everyone always talk about? I personally remember being a senior in high school and someone talking about a fight that had happened when we were both freshmen.  That is three years prior!
Although, Kimmels argumentative article was drawn more to the school shootings.  –This is something that I do believe needs to be more talked about and stopped.  Shooting is wrong, and I know a lot of people would agree with me. School shootings are something that is becoming more and more popular.  Although, do we have to always stereotype teen males as the bad people who constantly want to shoot up the school?

Comments/questions for the class: do you think that it is fair to stereotype teen males for school shootings because they are the only ones who have done so?
Is there a way to stop school violence?
Is there a way to stop violence in teen males in general?


  1. The only way we can truly stop the violence is if we look at the big know answer the big questions....rather than focusing on false conceptualizations that the media loves to feed us...what we need to focus on is the construction of masculinity and femininity and how it is dangerous for everyone as a whole.

  2. WOw I really like your post. Nicely said. But I have a question for you. I noticed we have had a few of recent shootings or intended shootings in the past months. I was talking to my mom about this and she mentioned that maybe many of these often shooting attempts are because of the 'COPY-CAT' phase. Where one sees another do it and later plans to do it themselves to just get media attention. Do you think this plays any part of all this? Also do you think watching violent movies causes these young boys to be violent? But overall great post.